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Association for Sustainability in Business Inc.

The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc is a non government, not-for-profit organisation (IA 38885). The Association provides a forum for our member communities, to examine and discuss challenges to improving our sustainability and understanding the key factors that determine sustainable outcomes.

The Association offers members access to practical solutions and strategies that will assist the development of sustainable practice.

Membership of The Association does not attract fees or charges and presently consists of the following communities;

  • Liveable Cities - Built Environment - Healthy Cities
  • Waste Management - Recycling
  • Natural Resources - Renewable Energy
  • Population Growth - Food Production
  • Regional Development

The Government will work with key data agencies such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with data to be regularly released at national, state and where available regional level.

The CSIRO identified sustainability challenges in rural and regional communities and said "they are facing a range of social, economic and environmental sustainability challenges. Climate change, population shifts, the effect of global markets, and other pressures will all impact on the vitality and potential of regional communities.

In many regions, the future is uncertain and cannot be tackled using past planning approaches. Strategies need to be flexible and adaptable to allow for uncertain outcomes while ensuring economic viability, stable populations, and provision of resources for the future."

Webinars Schedule for 2014 – upcoming


State of Waste




Mike Ritchie


Building the Business Case for On-Site Solar Generation




Jane Bond


Sustainability Career Outlook




Lisa Tarry


Urban Waters Contribution to Liveability




Alieta Donald

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The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc facilitates collaboration, information sharing, and professional networking encouraging sustainable business operations.

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The Association is a non government, not-for-profit organisation.
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